A Field Guide to Bangkok




Classic Sexpat

Classic Backpackers

Khao Sarn Bro

Female equivalent: the party girl who really wants to get up onstage at the go-go bar.

Chinese tourists



Classic English Teacher. You may find him at a Black Canyon coffee, taking endless selfies with his devoted Thai girlfriend.

The NGO worker and the journalist. You can find them having earnestly heated political conversations at some house party in Ari.

The hippie world-changer who's on her way up north to build a house made of twigs.

The hipster chef who runs a food truck. You can find him at a tattoo parlor, or offering you sausage samples at the farmer's market.

The high-powered executive at a consultancy firm. I don't really know to find these people because I don't know any, but my best guess is they can be seen at an exclusive gentleman's club doing some really weird shit.

The hot international DJ who has a bizarre name that you've never heard of but a lot of people you know are really excited to see him play.

The nervous-looking fourteen year old Eastern European model who's been flown in to stand motionless in front of a luxury store for its grand opening.

The disillusioned Caucasian female who's really fed up with the Bangkok dating scene and is probably going to move somewhere else where the sad fact is she probably WILL be happier. I guess in the meantime you can find her at Wong's.

Classic Japanese Salaryman -- can be found at Woodball, or inside a mysterious establisment with blacked-out windows and a sign that says "Japanese Only".

Classic Japanese Housewife -- can be found who wearing tons of layers and at least one infant.




The hi-so shoppers.

The Khao Sarn street vendor dressed in traditional Isaan garb, selling woven bracelets with traditional Thai sayings.

The Thai-Chinese elderly who reside in Chinatown.

The cool teenagers (I didn't want to undress them because they're underage).

The bar girl.

The Silom office worker.

The motor show pretties and the amateur photographers who flock to them.

The ultra hi-so Khunying (again, I felt it was inappropriate to show her with no clothes on).

The Ducati fanatic (who is rarely seen on an actual Ducati, just sporting all the aparrel.)

The fabulously androgynous fashion person.

The graffiti artist.

The Silom massage boy.

The older gentleman who wants to be a cowboy, for some reason.

The younger gentleman who wants to be a hip-hop artist.

The university student (fantasy vs. reality).

Representatives of the large Thai-Indian community here.

Toms and dees.

Kinfolk magazine-reading hipsters.

And finally, the guy who tries to keep our society running smoothly by whistling at you when you step near the yellow line: the BTS security guard.




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